About Apexus

“We invite you to come aboard and embark with us into a new frontier of hospitality. Join our growing network of dreamers and doers.”

Welcome to the Apexus Yacht Club

“Apex” (noun): the absolute pinnacle of experience.

“Nexus” (noun): the central and most important point or place.

Apexus is an exclusive member community dedicated to providing its patrons with on-demand and personalised yacht charters to some of the most alluring destinations around the world. Our community attracts distinguished, spirited and refined individuals from all walks of life with a voracious appetite for adventure.

Community-focused, value-driven

Apexus strives to keep our community an open and accommodating space for all travellers. We are working diligently to partner with organisations and networks to promote diversity and maintain a balanced and inclusive experience. 

We invite you to come aboard and embark with us into a new frontier of hospitality. Come aboard our growing network of dreamers and doers and meet people like yourself, ready to set sail on their next adventure!

About the founders

Michael Clark and Jonathan Rogers, founders of Apexus Yacht Club

Having attended the same boarding school for the deaf, life has reunited Michael and Jonathan back together. The unique Apexus Yacht Club concept was born from the synergy of their skills and interests. Their strong communication and esteem for each other's strengths shape the vision and community of Apexus Yacht Club.

In his early years at Devon and Mallorca, Jonathan developed a passion for yachts and sailing, and considers the yachting industry to be his second home. Having studied product engineering, he is fascinated by how complex machines function and this fascination has extended to yacht engineering. He likes to connect with people who have interest in yachting, aviation and automotives. In his spare time he enjoys skiing, tennis, golf and motorsports. His favourite motor yachts are Faith, Tatiana, Cloud 9 and Attilia. To relax, a good sailing yacht choice would be the G2.

Recently joining the yachting industry, Michael has a strong background in technology, creative design, and private hospitality. Enthusiastic about technology and creativity, he enjoys developing creative solutions to problems in the yachting industry. Having worked in the private hospitality industry, he loves connecting with people, sharing interests, providing a high level of service, and creating unique communities. Outside of work, he enjoys skiing and motorsports, particularly the 24 Hours of Le Mans. His favourite motor yachts are Mimi La Sardine, Cloudbreak and Savannah. If you asked Michael for his choice of sailing yacht, it would be the Pathalassea without hesitation! 

As deaf individuals with a mindset of breaking barriers, Jonathan and Michael are committed to the success of the Apexus Yacht Club by listening to its members and introducing a new frontier of hospitality and adventure. We look forward to welcoming you to our community and providing you with some of the best experiences of your life.